Giving grace amid opposition

Are you surprised or defined by opposition? Learn how you can embrace opposition as an opportunity for grace.

Make a plan to read the Bible

Are you reading the Bible? Are you studying and memorising the Bible?​​ Find out the best ways and resources to help you.

Does God Have Great Expectations for You?

God is in control of everything. He has a great expectation for everyone no matter what trouble they are in today.​

What Does God Say About My Family?

What do you say about your family? We all have different family dynamics which change over time, but we have a Godly responsibility within our family.

How Should We Pray?

There’s no secret formula. Whatever is troubling you, whatever your needs are, take them to God in prayer.

Being Disciples of Christ

Learn the process of what God has said "Trust me and follow me". Disciples of Jesus know him, want to know him better, and love him with all of their hearts.

Stewardship of God’s Estate

How does the Parable of the Talents teach us to be stewards? God has called you to be faithful to what he teaches you, and that’s what a steward does.

Where do you need to repent and make restitution?

Here are eight questions to figure out what repentance and restitution that results in rejoicing looks like for you.

How a dad can model repentance

A father is to protect his children in a number of ways. Training their children in repentance so that the gospel becomes their natural and heartfelt response.

Just go therefore

The account of Jesus in the Gospels makes it clear that, to reveal himself, Jesus discipled people. Discover how you can take genuine action to disciple.

The day Jesus rose

​Easter is a day for us to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, we look at what it is about Jesus’ resurrection that is so important for Christians.

What makes you weary?

Life can be weary, everyone experiences weariness. Find out how to rely on God for his strength, as we look to Jesus as our perfect and glorious example.

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