ROCK-a-bye-babies is our crèche facility for kids up to age 3. We are open during Sunday services.

We also have a mother and baby feeding room available - with facilities for warming bottles. One of our Welcome team will direct nursing mothers to the area designed to provide privacy during feeding times.

What to bring

  1. One labelled nappy (we supply wipes and bags).
  2. Should your child need a dummy or other item for security, please attach it to their clothes.

Your child's health We operate a well-baby programme. For the protection of all the children we cannot accept a child with a fresh cold (four days or less), fever, rash, persistent cough, diarrhoea or any other signs of illness. We request that you do not place your child in the programme while they are at risk of exposing other children to infection. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our ROCK A-Bye-Babies programme a healthy place for all.

When you arrive at your child's room A leader will meet you at the check-in area to receive your child and any other necessary items. Please check in and note any information that will help in caring for your child such as feeding times, sleeping times, allergies and special needs.Parents will be required to complete a registration form for each child using the crèche. This is to satisfy Child Protection guidelines. Each form will be kept in a folder in the crèche room for easy referral. Forms will be referred to before giving any drinks and biscuits in order to check allergies or instructions. At the time of check-in, a leader will assign your child a number and apply an adhesive tag to your child's back with his or her number on it. You will be given a matching sticky tag with your child's number on it. If you are needed to return to your child – your number will appear on the multimedia screen in the main auditorium. We ask that the same person who registered the child also picks up the child. A child will not be released to a parent without presentation of the assigned sticker tag.

Saying good-bye After you have completed the check-in process, simply wave a quick good-bye and leave for the service. As you know, it is normal for little ones to cry when leaving a parent. This does not last long, and separation becomes easier over time. Our leaders will immediately try to create interest in a toy or activity and give assurance that you will return after the worship service is completed. If your child cries for an extended period of time of 10 minutes, we will page you.

Pick-up procedures Your child's leader will expect the same person to drop off and pick up each child unless special instructions are given at check-in. Please make sure that all your child's personal items have been returned to you before you leave the premises. Lost and found items will be retained for a short time.  Items not claimed after one month are donated to a charitable organisation.

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