Great Expectations

A series looking at the expectations around the Christmas season, but also exploring our expectations as a church in this time of excitement and change.

The Power of a Pocket

Mike Brickley
Sunday, 26th Feb 2017
Mike Brickley is the President of 'Pocket Testament League', an organisation with a mission to share and give out the Word of God. In this message, Mike reminds us that God's Word is alive and active and he encourages us, that we should always be mindful about sharing it with people. If you would like to know more about Pocket Testament League then visit

Consumer or Consumed... Which Are You?

Gary Rucci
Sunday, 12th Feb 2017
In this message, our guest speaker, Gary Rucci, teaches on the difference between being a "Consumer" and being "Consumed" and why it is important and more beneficial for us to be consumed by God.

Volunteering is Mission

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 5th Feb 2017
Volunteering is a core part of making any Church run productively and healthily. In this message Vlad Ciolan addresses how volunteering is not "just work" but is actually mission. He also explains why we need to remember who we are serving under and who we are ministering to.

Trusting God with Your Future

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 29th Jan 2017
In this message Pastor Mark breaks down the elements that together become steps that strengthen our faith. The message looks at God's promises and how they are fulfilled, so that we are confident to trust God with our future.

Giving Birth

Deborah Holman
Sunday, 22nd Jan 2017
One of the greatest moments in life is when a child is born into the world, although the journey was difficult the end result is priceless. Deborah Holman speaks about how God has put talents and abilities in us that we need to conceive and then give birth to.

Demystifying the Will of God

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 15th Jan 2017
As Christians, we sometimes complicate how we hear from God and misunderstand how we can discover His will for our lives. In this message, Vlad Ciolan speaks about the practical process God gives us to make these discoveries and what we should do once we have heard from Him.

Reaching Wider... Growing Deeper

Adam Bird
Sunday, 8th Jan 2017
BCC has just launched a brand new, exciting innovation to the way we run Small Groups. In today's message, Adam explains to us what we have changed why we should all join a group.

Planting to Harvest

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 1st Jan 2017
In this message Pastor Mark sets off 2017 by talking about setting expectations and the importance of planting seeds to achieve your goals for this year and beyond.

Walking in Great Expectation

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 18th Dec 2016
Vlad Ciolan continues this series looking at three stages of Jesus' journey here on earth. We have to go through the same 3 stages - Anticipation, Battle and Culmination.

A New Expectation

Adam Bird
Sunday, 11th Dec 2016
In this second message of our 'Great Expectations' series, Adam Bird looks at the main characters in the nativity story and sees how God came into their world and created a new expectation in them. We should be open to God doing a new thing in us too.

Setting Expectations

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 4th Dec 2016
Pastor Mark Wiltshire kicks off our new series for Christmas and the New Year, 'Great Expectations'. In this message Pastor Mark talks about the importance of being expectant and raising our expectations, 'If we change our experience, we will have a great expectation'.
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