Made for More

Together we will begin a journey of discovery about what "Made for More" means and explore what we can do to encourage really healthy change. Why "Made for More"? Because God has made us for more than we sometimes dare to imagine, and way more than, without Him, we could otherwise experience.

Reflecting God's Heart in a Hurting World

Deborah Holman
Sunday, 11th Mar 2018
Happy Mother's Day! In this message Deborah Holman teaches about the culture of "self" and how we need to train ourselves to be Godly (1 Timothy 4:7), to be a Church looking outward, preaching the Gospel.

The Great Innovation

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 4th Mar 2018
In this message Vlad Ciolan uses the event of "feeding the five thousand" in Mark 6, to show us that God has always intended that we are to play our part in the Great Commission.

Generosity - A Matter of the Heart

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 25th Feb 2018
In this message Vlad Ciolan teaches us about the importance of being generous, not as a command but as a condition of our heart. "If we are selective in our generosity it may be that we are selective with our worship."

God Given Stewardship Two

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 18th Feb 2018
In this message, we dig deeper into the actualities of what God thinks. Stewardship by nature is not our right, it is a God-given gift. He gives us what belongs to Him and in turn trusts us with all He has given.

God Given Stewardship

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 11th Feb 2018
In this message Pastor Mark Wiltshire teaches us the meaning of stewardship and why we must be good stewards, using the finance and talents God has given us wisely for the Kingdom.

God Creates Potential

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 4th Feb 2018
In this message Pastor Mark Wiltshire teaches that God is positioning us to carry responsibility, positioned for others. God given responsibility is “Empowered Accountability”.

Living Stones

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 28th Jan 2018
We are called to be living stones, not living bricks (conforming but never belonging) or rolling stones (going with the “flow”). God has designed us in a unique way and we can step into the destiny and calling He has prepared for us.

The Battle for our Attention

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 21st Jan 2018
Pastor Mark Wiltshire highlights the practical, powerful and profound impact that prayer can have on our lives, when brought out with the Word of God.

God's Word

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 14th Jan 2018
Continuing our series, 'Made for More', Vlad Ciolan speaks about the importance of God's Word. He teaches that the most powerful tool we have for life and godliness, is God's Truth. The Bible is the best and most primary way in which we can get to know and love Christ more and more.

The Battle for our Worship

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 7th Jan 2018
In this message Pastor Mark Wiltshire kicks off our latest series "Made for More". He teaches us that worship is more than singing but is a lifestyle and how the enemy wants to distract us from living a life of worship to God and instead fix our worship on other things.
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