Why Easter?

Why Easter? 100 Questions in one; What do we think? What do we believe? Is Jesus still relevant today? Can knowing Him really make a difference?

The Resurrection Birthed the Church

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 8th Apr 2018
Between the Resurrection and the Ascension, Jesus Christ imparted gifts that would enable the people to step into the purpose and destiny He had for them. It's not only that Christ has a plan for our lives but He's got our lives for His plan.


Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 1st Apr 2018
If you had five days left to live, what would you do? Reflecting on Jesus’ priorities leading up to His death, Pastor Mark explores how Jesus chose to use His last days to demonstrate God’s unconditional love.

Tackling Palm Sunday

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 25th Mar 2018
In this first episode of our three week Easter series, Pastor Mark explores Palm Sunday and begins the build up to what Easter really represents.
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