Wisdom for Life

​A journey through Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Psalms.

Wisdom in Discipline

Deborah Holman
Sunday, 23rd Sep 2018
Wisdom in Discipline

Forgiveness is a Gift

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 16th Sep 2018
In this message, Pastor Mark Wiltshire teaches about the transformative power of forgiveness and its importance. He demonstrates through scripture that God has given us forgiveness as a gift, both for our benefit and for our offenders.



Wisdom in Finance

Deborah Holman
Sunday, 9th Sep 2018
The word of God says a lot about money and how to manage it, Deborah Holman continues our current theme by teaching us on the important aspects of finance and showing how the bible educates us on how Gods economy works.

Discovering and Living in my Godly Calling

Luke Milton
Sunday, 2nd Sep 2018
Sharing from the Bible and experience in youth ministry Luke Milton teaches about discovering our calling and the importance of wisdom being passed on to our children and spiritual children.

Dealing with Difficult People

Graham Ashby
Sunday, 26th Aug 2018
Taking us into the sixth instalment of this exciting series, Graham guides us through specific verses in Proverbs to bring alive how we can learn to deal with difficult people and how to ultimately live life well.

Balance & Stability

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 19th Aug 2018
Pastor Mark offers bible-based directions on how to rebalance your life and explains the importance of obtaining balance and stability on the inside, to avoid walking into avoidable difficulties.

To Know His Will

Deborah Holman
Sunday, 12th Aug 2018
Deborah takes us step by step through how we can obtain the wisdom to know God’s will and grasp good judgment in the decisions we make.

Attraction & Marriage

Mark Wiltshire
Sunday, 5th Aug 2018
With the help of two very special guests, Pastor Mark discusses the wisdom attached to attraction and the wisdom we need to develop both a healthy life and successful marriage.

Wise Speech

Vlad Ciolan
Sunday, 29th Jul 2018
Vlad Ciolan takes us into the second sermon of our new series by helping us understand the value of 'wise speech' - and tells us why and how to develop healthy conversation.



The Right Council

Deborah Holman
Sunday, 22nd Jul 2018
Deborah introduces our new series 'Wisdom for Life'; she explains how we can find the wisdom of God and who we should receive advice from.


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